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What is water treatment?
Why do you need water treatment?
What are the benefits?
Why use Fernox?

A look at how market leading Fernox Protector F1 works, the benefits of an inhibited system, and how Fernox Protector F1 exceeds the Buildcert approval standard.

This video shows the shocking effect that corrosion can have on metal and materials commonly found in central heating systems.

  • WHAT IS WATER TREATMENT?  Pioneered by Fernox in 1964, chemical water treatment was developed as a method of dealing with dirty, inefficient central heating systems. Used to clean and protect the internal components of a wet central heating system, chemical water treatments provide energy and cost saving benefits to homeowners.

    Chemical cleaners and inhibitors (which protect against debris formation) are essential to maintaining and improving a central heating system’s efficiency and lifespan.
  • WHY DO YOU NEED  WATER TREATMENT?  When central heating system water  comes into direct contact with the metal system components, a chemical reaction takes place. Resulting in the formation of corrosion deposits, limescale and sludge, the build-up of debris has a detrimental impact on boiler efficiency and longevity. For example, common problems include radiator cold spots, a noisy boiler and blockages, which can ultimately result in system failure.

    By using chemical water 
    treatments, the system can be thoroughly cleaned removing any existing debris, and then inhibited, to protect the system against future debris formation.
  • WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS?  The correct use of chemical  water treatments can significantly enhance and maintain a central heating system’s performance, energy efficiency and lifespan.

    Independently verified tests have proven that by using Fernox  Cleaner F3 followed by Fernox Protector F1, system efficiency can be restored and provide gas savings of up to 15%. In addition, the use of an inhibitor alone can increase boiler efficiency by approximately 3%.
  • WHY USE FERNOX? For more than 50 years, Fernox products have led the way for market-leading quality, efficacy, innovation and reliability.

    A tried and trusted brand amongst installers and professional gas engineers, Fernox award-winning chemical water treatments offer a superior level of system cleaning and protection.

    Constantly innovating and pushing the boundaries of the sector to improve and maintain central heating system energy efficiency, Fernox regularly develops and launches new products, such as the recently launched precisionengineered TF1 Omega Filter.

For more information on Fernox Protector F1 and all other Fernox products, visit the Fernox US website below.